The Process Myth

This blog post by Michael Lopp makes me feel much better about process documents because it describes how they are written down culture and values (and how they become mindless jumping through hoops after a few years…).

Maybe a good way of keeping process documents fresh is to go through them at the beginning of each project and decide which bits to keep and which bits to add. This means that the actually mean something to the whole team, not just to the ones who originally wrote them.

The Land that Scrum Forgot

A great piece by Robert C. Martin how software engineers are rewarded for sloppy code in Scrum. He describes how sloppy code initially gives the impression that Scrum gives great and fast results only to bring down the project over time. He suggests a number of ways to measure code quality and to reward developers for them.

I think it’s a great post to start a conversation and to start a thinking process but his belief in the completeness of acceptance tests is a bit hard to swallow for me.

Clean Code

I’ve been meaning to read this book by Robert C. Martin for a few years now and I have finally started. I’m not far into the book yet but it’s starting out fantastic. I’m basically sitting on the train during my morning commute shouting silently “Yes, yes, I’ve experienced all of these problems that you are describing! Now please tell me how to fix them!”